Lack of Trains to North Station/Lechmere

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I have missed my Commuter Rail Train on many occasions because I am left stranded at Park Street for 10-15 minutes watching Gov. Center train after Gov. Center train go by, while I frustratingly await a North Station/Lechmere Train. In the past it used to be a 3:1 ratio but now its definitely a 4:1 and sometimes even 5:1 Gov. Center to North Station/Lechmere. I unfortunatley am on the D-line which does not go all the way to North Station. I would never miss my commuter rail if my D-line train went to North Station. I don't expect the MBTA to alter the D-line route but I would expect to see an inrease in the amount of trains that go to North Station/ Lechmere. North Station is a major rush hour commute destination. THERE SHOULD BE MORE TRAINS CONSISTENTLY GOING THERE!

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