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The T almost isn't worth riding anymore for suburban residents. Basically the Charlie "card"
system rewards frequent T riders, IE the city dwellers and saves a few cents for those taking a "bus/subway combo". If you take that combo you deserve a discount anyway because it will take you forever to where you need to go. Whoopee.

The "ticket" penalizes those who don't ride the
T frequently enough (slap in the face plus the regular fare increase). Fares are also too confusing. Either offer only the ticket or card, (prefer the cheaper ticket fare thank you) spare us the confusion.

How about trains that don't break down, are maintained and built from at least the 1990s.
Again where is the money going?

As recently as the late 1990's I enjoyed an 85 cent fare from Malden Center. Now almost eight years later the fares have doubled. On the southern end of the red line if you decide to
park and transit, you must now pay $5 a day for parking from Braintree to Quincy Center where it had been $2.50 a day just a couple years ago. In addition you must pay another $3.00 one way unless you but a Charlie Card and then you have to buy it at specific times only and only at "select" stations. Add your return fare and it's at least $10 for transit cost. That's an increase from $7.50 just a couple years ago.

The T's cry for poverty only goes so far. I can understand raising the fare to cover debt (to an extent). However this means the system needs to
be managed more efficiently. Where is the improvement in service for the rider? Where is
the accountability held here? A $2 fare
is comparable to a NYC system which runs 24/7, which the T does not. It doesn't even operate late enough for those getting out of the bars at 2am. Of course the T had it's initial conviction that this would never work and stuck to it.

The T's increased cost will only hurt those trying to live affordably in and around the city of Boston and for those who don't like it, may choose alternative methods of transportation or move out of the area altogether. The fare increase
only hurts the local economy in a system where MBTA neglect and tax shell games (reinventing the wheel) with tax cuts and proposed turnpike toll elimination for individual political advancement has gotten the citizens of Massachusetts nowhere.
With high real estate/rent costs, and businesses moving out of the state why would you want to live and work here? Sorry T folks but you're going the wrong way (no pun intended).

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