Waiting for 20 Mins. to re-enter!

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At the Red Line station, I went through the gate
with my combo pass. I saw a worker there and
asked him if he knew if the combo passes will
be going down in price because I thought I
heard they were. He told me to talk to the
person at the Charlie Card ticket machines
which meant I had to go through the gates
again. So, this woman who didn't have the
answer to my question said to got to the MBTA
website. I said ok and went back through the
gate again BUT it didn't let me go trhough
because I just used my card. She told me I
had to wait 20mins before I renetered. I
couldn't believe it. What F'd up organization.
They want to make sure no one cheats but
what if someone forgets something or a
tourist gets lost. Ever thought of making it
less? The gate doors are so slow anyway I
reentered when someone else came in.

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